8.23.21 Blog

Golden Dragon College Scouting Event Qualifiers

Esports Combine is set to be the biggest collegiate scouting event of the season. The event is scheduled for October 15-17 and will bring together college scouts and high school talents players under one virtual roof.

Before the event begins, the Combine will host the Golden Dragon tournament, an intense team-based competition where gameplay is recorded for scouts to review. Emerald Esports players, team affiliated or free agents, are invited to play in the open qualifiers this month. Featured games are Valorant, Rocket League, and League of Legends.

Players of ALL skill levels will be categorized and sorted for the recruiters and coaches. The winning teams from the tournaments will be placed in showcase matches to display their talents to participating colleges for a chance to receive scholarships for the game they’re competing in! Whether you are a Grandmaster or a Bronze, there will be a program fits your gamer and academic goals.

Below are the September qualifier links for teams to sign up:

Valorant OQ #1: https://gyo.gg/org/esports-combine/tt/golden-dragon-val/open-fri-sept3/

Valorant OQ #2: https://gyo.gg/org/esports-combine/tt/golden-dragon-val/open-sat-sept4/

Rocket League OQ: https://gyo.gg/org/esports-combine/tt/golden-dragon-rl/rl-open-fri-sept10/

League of Legends OQ: https://gyo.gg/org/esports-combine/tt/golden-dragon-lol/lol-open-fri-sept17/