Our Mission

To engage and inspire students by identifying and nurturing competencies awakened through esports and connect them to their community.

Our Values


We provide engaging programming for all students through equitable means.


We facilitate an immersive, fun environment for students to play, explore, and connect through ongoing organized events and learning opportunities.


We consistently introduce forward-thinking solutions to ever-changing learning and career-exploration needs for students.


We provide informal education opportunities in a safe, nurturing community for students to learn, practice, and develop.


We build robust relationships and mutually-beneficial partnerships by bringing collaborative people and organizations together to maximize our impact.

4 Pillars of Focus

Student Esports Club Incubation

Providing resources for students to build robust esports clubs that focus on career development and personal growth

Empowering Girls in Gaming

Taking actionable steps to support female gamers in esports and STEM through networking and mentorship

Career Development Program

Connecting individual skills developed through esports to opportunities in the wider business community

Esports and Autism Research

Advocating for the benefits of esports in the social and emotional lives of youth on the autism spectrum