Who Can Join

Emerald Esports offers no registration or player fees for support, events, and programming to scholastic and community-based esports clubs supporting students ages 13-23.

What Do You Get

From newly activated clubs to seasoned esports teams, we offer experiential opportunities for players and managers. Our programs include a robust schedule of events (both casual and competitive), mentorship opportunities, and a safe and enriching community with a focus on the following pillars:

  • Reaching underserved communities
  • Empowering girls in gaming
  • Career mentorship
  • Esports and autism research

How to Get Started

  1. Register your club
  2. Join The Ezone
  3. Start competing

Tailor Your Emerald Esports Experience

Emerald Esports’ school and community-based video gaming clubs receive the same benefits, like tournaments, education, and career development opportunities, while also receiving tailored experiences based on their interests. For instance, clubs or individuals that join the Ezone can tag themselves as interested in our special interest groups like autism spectrum research and education and empowering girls in gaming, as well as various socialization opportunities on our Discord server.